Sometimes it feels like I don’t have an original thought in my head. After a lost day with a nasty tension headache that kept me in a dark room, I eased myself back into a routine this morning.

I woke at 4.30 cleared all the post-it notes on my desk into to-do tasks or added them to the course notes for email marketing superstars (i always feel that needs a ta-da! at the end (I also feel like I’ve said that before and I’m not the person who’ll break us all out of the simulation, so we’re stuck here until someone better comes along)).

There are days like today when I need a routine to tell me what to do. I finished all my start of day tasks and wrote part of a new chapter for Diecidium which I thought was finished, but it’s not.

Dogs woke, and NotOnTwitter has picked up something airborne and viral, so I went downstairs for a few hours for tea and cheese and jam on toast (a strong mature cheddar works best).

Trying to get work done with the Thug and Princess before they are walked isn’t an option. Walking them together isn’t an option, so I killed time streaming.

  • Latest episode of Inside No9
  • First two episodes of This Country
  • 15 Minutes of Narcos

I’m still feeling like shite beat up in a bucket, but words need to get written, dogs need to be walked, and the weekly shopping has to be guided into the kitchen to be put away.

I fucking hate grocery shopping, but that’s another post.

All of this is really to try out posting directly to the blog from the Byword app. A chance to stick with text only, avoid logging into the site for weeks at a time but post daily. I’m nicking the idea from Warren Ellis because my headache hangover isn’t letting me be original today.

p.s. Dear Grammarly, stop trying to get me to use the word ‘robust’ instead of strong. I’m not a TV chef.

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