Dukaan adding digital downloads to roadmap

I’d a call with the Dukaan team yesterday about e-commerce features for authors. 

Dukaan is one of the new wave of hosted shopping platforms challenging Shopify.

Top priority on the call was adding digital downloads to enable direct ebook sales.

Dukaan’s focus has always been enabling small businesses to sell physical products (Dukaan means small shop in Hindi). Digital downloads were not on their roadmap.

That’s changed.

A recent round of investment and a successful promotion on AppSumo brought demand for a digital download feature. 

On yesterday’s call I spoke about the challenges faced by authors selling digital and physical books and threw in some suggestions about how Dukaan could help. 

Digital downloads is a big feature to add but the team are keen to get it done. No dates yet but I’ve been watching how fast they are expanding the service so I estimate we’ll see it early next year (that’s just my guess not a commitment from the Dukaan team).

This is a big deal.

The flexibility and low cost of WordPress and WooCommerce as author e-commerce tools make them my focus for updates and tutorials but there are a lot of writers who’d prefer a hosted eCommerce platform. Shopify pricing is prohibitive for new authors even before the inevitable addons to customise the look and feel to match the desired experience for the target audience. 

Dukaan is $99 a year for a single store with all you need to sell unlimited products. IF they add digital downloads it’ll quickly overtake Shopify as the default hosted ecommerce platform for authors.

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