Get Out


Staring at a screen isn’t working today. The back of my neck is seized up like rusty gears sabotaged by rustier barbed wire that’s creeping up and under the base of my skull.

Google assured me this is only a tension headache but none of the recommendations have worked.

We’re two days into light stabbing my brain through my eyes and I got fed up laying on the sofa switching between cold packs and a fuzzy bear hot water bottle.

I dragged myself out to take the dog for a walk. The sun is shining and every step helped unscrew my eyes and clear my head*

By the time I hit the coast and watched a ship coming in I’d accepted I’m ill, that it will pass and I get to choose how I feel.

I’m wrapping up early with a hot shower, a good book, plenty of water and sleeping.

I could feel this is a bad day when nothing gets done or see it for it it is, a reminder that I’m fortunate to be able to put self-care first when I get days like this.

* On bad days it’s nasty black clouds up there. Walking is one of my self-care tools but it's one of many. If you get days like this and don't know what your self-care tools are, talk to your doctor.

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