Spectra Block Editor for WordPress Stephen Gordon

Spectra Block Editor for WordPress

Great news from Sujay Pawar and the rest of BrainStormForce (the team behind the Astra Theme). Spectra Block Editor for WordPress has come out of Beta and it’s wonderful.

I’m still getting my head around all the options, but it’s ridiculously powerful, user friendly, and it’s free.

I’m not sure what this means for the Astra Theme but I suspect it’ll remain 100% compatible with Gutenberg and cater to the classic page builders while Spectra / Spectra Pro pursues block based website market share.

The pro version is due later this year and appears to be a complete block based theme and page builder with premium WooCommerce blocks. Spectra’s pick up and play design is going to make it easy for non-technical authors, creatives and small business owners to build, brand, launch and host an e-commerce website less than £100 / $100 a year.

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