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  • Writers Building Websites Sign Ups Back Online

    Writers Building Websites Sign Ups Back Online

    If you want to be the first to know when Build an Author Website goes online and get updates on SEO for Authors go sign up to the mailing lists. You’ll also get a weekly email with more ways to build traffic, grow mailing lists and sell books

  • WordPress now comes with it’s own style guide

    WordPress now comes with it’s own style guide

    This may not seem like a big deal but WordPress 6.2, due for release on 28th Mar, comes with a built in Style Book. That’s one place to see all the active global design choices without having to manually add EVERYTHING to a dedicated style guide page.

  • Block based rebuild

    Block based rebuild

    The move from building WordPress sites with Astra theme and 3rd Party page builders to a block based theme and gutenberg continues.

  • Stress Free Web hosting

    Keep your web hosting stress free. Register your domain name with one company, host your website with another company, and pick a third, different service for your email. If your hosting fees rocket after the first year you can move with a few clicks and no downtime.

  • Launching a novel on kickstarter

    A friend of mine is launching a novel on a Kickstarter today. It’s not their first kickstarter or their first novel but it is their first novel on kickstarter. I love how the channels for self-pub authors keep expanding.

  • Social media platforms come and go but an author’s website is forever*

    Why not put all those lovely thoughts, words, images, and occasional videos on the website first then distribute out to appropriate channels via automation tasks on Pabbly Connect So that’s what I’m doing. *As long as you pay your domain name and hosting fees.

  • The Ultimate Free Library for Stock Photos, Images, and Audio

    The Ultimate Free Library for Stock Photos, Images, and Audio

    Yesterday WordPress announced it’s integrating the Gutenberg block builder with the Openverse library of free stock photos, images, and audio files. You don’t have to wait until the integration or even use WordPress to access this Creative Commons licensed goldmine.

  • The answer is notebooks.

    The answer is notebooks.

    The quickest way for authors to improve their quality of life is to let everyone know they want notebooks for birthdays, anniversaries, or any gift giving occasion. This takes away so much stress for all concerned. The answer is notebooks, always notebooks. Sometimes pens as well but only if they come with notebooks.