The Bukowski Method


There's a quote from Charles Bukowski that goes something like "The best part of a writer is on the page, the rest is usually nonsense."

Shut and write I guess. It's good advice and if he was in my head right now he'd be yelling for me to stop wasting time on social media and get writing. Me and a million other writers.

Social media is letting the imagined demands of other people hand over your attention to pay for awkward virgins to become billionaires. Still, it was fun before I worked out it was a massive waste of time. But this isn't.

There are 3 working parts in my head. These are the three spinning cycles that get stuff done. There's the writer, the marketer and one that sits behind them both trying to schedule everything to get done.

  • The Writer
  • The Marketer
  • The Admin

The writer is working on books for the Miracles Universe, the marketer expresses himself by creating and selling online courses as well as the books but the admin doesn't get any time in the light. The admin is stuck in the back office trying to piece it all together while screaming at the other two to shut the fuck up while he figures out how to pay the bills. It's all well and good those two getting their time in the sun and sucking up all the glory for being the best part(s) of me on the page but who really gets everything done?

That's what this is. This blog is the admin side of me getting his own little piece of the internet and it doesn't even matter if no-one else ever sees this because the admin will know he has somewhere to go and get his stuff down.

I'm missing writing. I tried a pure sprint working on the course but you know what? There's plenty of time in the day to do both if I let the admin side of me work it out.

I've updated my calendar, changed my schedule and set up 3 writing sessions and 3-course work sessions every day. That'll take care of it all.

Tired now. Going to bed.

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